At Marimo, our work process aims straight at the target’s heart, avoiding the limitations of touchpoint segmentation and opening up the full potential of communication. Disloyal to brands but also to the media, today’s target is an ongoing challenge: catch my attention, if you can! Marimo’s answer? We’ve constructed it day after day, together with our clients, until we have developed tried and tested teams and processes. Thanks to the pressure our clients put us under on every channel, we’re like a Formula 1 pit crew: competent, fast-acting and close-knit.

If you want to be reactive to changes in the scenario and have an ongoing, dynamic, exciting relationship with your public you need brilliant, dedicated account managers and creatives.

You need talented experts well trained and specific teams for Design, Advertising, Digital and Activations. Our goal? To make sure that the brands who rely on us prosper and live happily in these disloyal times. Just like we do.

  • Assunta Squitieri Creative Partner. Linkedin
  • Paola Manfroni Founding partner and CCO. Linkedin
  • Giovanna Ridenti Founding Partner and General Manager. Linkedin
  • Manuela Morpurgo Founding partner and Strategic Advisor. Linkedin

What we aren’t? The Rolling Stones. But give us time.



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Art Directors Club Italiano


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Art Directors Club Italiano


Art Directors Club Italiano