Marimo becomes Marimore!

Marimo Milan was meant to come about sooner. But then the lockdown kicked in and everything was moved to the calendar’s bottom section. The idea was birthed at a Milan restaurant in Via Spartaco, where Paola Manfroni and Giovanna Ridenti – two of the Roman agency’s founders – were talking future with Dario Neglia and Stefano Campora. And that’s when they realised that the dining table was too small to host both foods and work projects. ‘We can’t keep it up this way’ they agreed all together – and the waiter, who was yet to bring a couple more dishes, certainly nodded too. So, as soon as it became feasible, a new Milan office was chosen: a three-room studio in 56 Corso Magenta. Since the very 1st of September, Marimo Milan has been living and working – and it even got tables and chairs. Of course, it already made itself noticed with its #Pesto #Barilla’s domination campaign on the Metro Green Line. On top of this, there’s more news coming their way – but for that, you’ll have to wait. Stay tuned!