Jam becomes a superior fruit experience.

An unusual blind test to describe the intense taste sensation of the new line of Pesticide Residue-Free jams and juices from I Frutteti di Oswald Zuegg, created thanks to an innovative project of sustainable agriculture. The campaign marks a significant new chapter in the longstanding relationship between Marimo and Zuegg, which began in 2017 with the repositioning of the brand. In the TVC, on air from 18 September, the sensual pleasure arises from the engagement with nature: an encounter captured skilfully and poetically by the director Ago Panini. In the ad, the unmistakable voice of Oswald Zuegg encapsulates the philosophy behind the new range, expressed with a phrase that sums it up perfectly: “You can feel the quality thanks to what’s inside, but even more so thanks to what’s not”.

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