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9 Gennaio 2022

Voiello strikes again

Gran Spaghetto and Gran Fusillo are the cut protagonists of two new stories in which Chef Cannavacciuolo shows how Voiello pasta is not “just” pasta but an all-Neapolitan “device” to […]

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2 Dicembre 2021

La Scaramantica Voiello showing off!

Milan and Naples united for the first time by the same mania: superstition! How to indulge it? With the Scaramantica 2021 capsule collection, protagonist of a special outdoor campaign. Click […]

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17 Novembre 2021

Voiello Scaramantica 2021: Christmas as Naples commands.

Let’s celebrate the beauty of neapolitan Christmas with a capsule collection in porcelain, gold and primary colours: a design piece to put under the tree. Click here to discover more.

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13 Novembre 2021

ADCI 2021 Silver – Design first

Our website was awarded silver by the ADCI 2021 jury. When we say Design First we mean starting with ourselves first.

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2 Agosto 2021

A new crunchy identity for Grancereale

Celebrating 10 years together with a superfresh new brand identity. MarimoGrancereale. Find out more…

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22 Luglio 2021

Diversity is Power

If value begets value, then this project is invaluable.  We have created a new brand identity for one of the associations we admire the most, which has been committed to […]

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21 Giugno 2021

The Voiello’s special outdoor: a declaration of love to Naples.

The streets and the artistic subway stations of Naples (Dante, Vanvitelli, Garibaldi, Toledo) are the stage for a celebration that Voiello dedicates to its hometown. A way to enhance the […]

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10 Giugno 2021

Marimo’s got talents

Three terrific entries have enriched the agency’s team: Anna Di Cintio, Mariano Lombardi, respectively Creatives Directors art and copy, and Andrea Malservisi as Head of Strategic Planning.

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7 Giugno 2021

Pesto Barilla range’s national outdoor.

Just like a family, the Pesto flavours have travelled around the country, conquering the Italian territory together with its people’s hearts. View the Full Case Study

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30 Maggio 2021

“You are the Skipper”, the 100% natural new commercials.

After 34 years, we brought back on tv screens the iconic Italian fruit juice brand that chooses to spread a strong message about nature and inclusivity. View the full case […]

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23 Maggio 2021

The new “exagerated” Voiello’s commercial.

Caution: please don’t watch it with empty tummies! Here is our first Voiello commercial: a hymn to joy, to the Neapolitan culture of pasta in the company of chef Cannavacciuolo. […]

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19 Marzo 2021

Welcome onboard Pasta Voiello

A new brand in our portfolio that was already in our hearts, a new exciting journey starting from Naples and its great food culture. We are working on a mix […]

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11 Novembre 2020

ADCI 2020 Gold – LCPBDM

ADCI Awards 2020 jury agrees: “ La Costituzione più bella del mondo” is a Gold. View the Full Case Study

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18 Settembre 2020

Pesto Station Domination

Domination campaign to enhance Barilla Pesto’s superiority making use of the exceptional touch point. View the Full Case Study

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19 Giugno 2020

Marimo becomes Marimore!

Marimo Milan was meant to come about sooner. But then the lockdown kicked in and everything was moved to the calendar’s bottom section. The idea was birthed at a Milan restaurant in […]

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18 Giugno 2020

La Costituzione più bella del mondo

We are acting as a people and as a community. The current emergency made us realise we share more values we ever thought possible. And in the meanwhile, we might even realise they were […]

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