Advertising Video Strategy 30’’/10” – Nuove barrette Grancereale: the perfect mix!

Agency assignment: Create a digital campaign to relaunch Grancereale cereal bars. But how to keep people from skipping video banners? By creating 4 video clips that are a pleasure to watch: nuts, seeds, and ingredients are mixed by an expert – Grancereale – in a crescendo of rhythm and amazing special effects.


  • Art Director:
  • Copywriter:
  • Art Junior:
  • Account:
  • Chief Creative Officer:
  • General Manager:
  • Casa di Produzione:
  • Executive Producer:
  • Producer:
  • Casa di produzione CGI:
  • CGI Creative Direction:
  • Creative Producer:
  • Project Leads:
  • Designers:
  • Musica e Sound Design:

*Proprietà di Barilla. Vietata la riproduzione, anche parziale.